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Why Most Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementations Fail

09 February 2022 by Sara Wahba

As customer relationship management (CRM) tools go, Salesforce is one of the most powerful systems. It empowers organizations to retrieve vast and deep pools of customer information. Users can easily view and act on individual accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities, leads, and events. With detailed customer data and robust planning and collaboration tools, you instantly gain efficiency and productivity.

So, why do so many organizations often experience an enthusiastic Salesforce start only to be disappointed after several months of use?

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is the platform for building customer relationships from end to end on mobile devices, the web, and inside sales apps.

Because the software is built for business users—not IT—it’s easier to use and deploy than traditional enterprise platforms. With 200+ built-in apps and seamless Salesforce integration with the software, you can improve service levels and deliver fantastic customer experiences.

There are no servers or maintenance to worry about a proper SaaS solution that includes advanced analytics, social collaboration, salesforce marketing cloud automation, and process automation. Just pay for what you need each month using a simple subscription model that scales with your needs.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, it’s easier to find and share information. One can build detailed knowledge about customers and business processes to work smarter.

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What are the Benefits of Salesforce Cloud Service?

There are various beneficial factors why using Kapsys ’s can help you to integrate Salesforce Service Cloud. It can help organizations in their services. Find out here:

Easy for Everyone

The software has salesforce lightning which is easy to use. It is not just for certain individuals with a specific role. Numerous departments and employees can use it predominantly for the salesforce commerce cloud. It is simple to pick up, yet it has more robust features than imagined.


The most crucial benefit of our software is that you can use it to predict your future sales. It provides perpetual planning, which allows you to know exactly how much revenue you will make and the exact number of customers. There is no need for complex reports that take days to be calculated to get all the information with one click.

Reduced Costs

It reduces costs, as well as you are paying for each user in the system. You do not have any additional charges for software or maintenance costs. Your employees only pay for the service they need, and if they outgrow those services, you can very easily upgrade them without spending any money on new licenses or adding more servers.


The software is the faster version of CRM software because it ensures a streamlined system for your business. It allows you to be more efficient and effective in reaching goals for your organization. Unlimited Access With this process, you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. That is why Salesforce is one of the best solutions because it helps employees work together and reach goals together while they are apart. This process also allows employees at home or abroad to work with your company, increasing productivity without worrying about the extra costs of traveling or hotels.


It is also secured because there is a mandatory password system for every user in the system. The passwords are unique to each user, which means no one else has access to your account. This ensures that your data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized users.

What Makes a Salesforce Cloud Service to Fail?

Many organizations are experiencing the adverse effects of using Salesforce Service Cloud. It may be because of a poor understanding of how the system works or the lack of training that most companies have had. As a result, they have experienced more problems than otherwise. This article outlines some of the leading causes of failure and identifies ways to avoid them before they occur.

Lack of Vision, Planning & Communication

Improper planning is probably the most common cause of Salesforce Service Cloud failures. When you are not sure about your plans for the system, it will fail. You need to make sure that you know exactly what you want from the software to avoid any failed implementations. The better prepared you are, the less chance of failure because all the employees will clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.

Inexperienced Admins

A qualified team member must manage your Salesforce Service Cloud. If you use an inexperienced person to manage the software, you will encounter issues. You should have the most experienced and competent person handling Salesforce because they will handle any issue that arises. The more experienced they are, the less likely you will experience failure.

Improper Schema

If you cannot examine the schema of your software, your system may fail. The schema is the plan for your data set up before installing the service. It will minimize the chances of failure by ensuring that everything is in place and that you do not have missing or duplicate fields in the data.

Poor Network Configuration

You are only making things worse when you have poor network configurations. Your software will not function correctly unless you have powerful computers with a top-quality internet connection. The problem occurs when there is a slow internet connection or an overloaded network, thus causing an error in the system. It would be best to have a reliable and fast internet connection to avoid these issues and keep your organization running smoothly.

Errors in the Registry

If viruses infect your registry, the software will likely fail to function correctly. Therefore, you should always ensure that your computer is free of all viruses before installing any new software. You must also ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for Salesforce.

Managing Processes

One of the essential elements that must be managed is your process. If you fail to manage the processes, then the software will fail. It would be best if you had proper guidelines on using the system to avoid failure. If you do not have written procedures, you are more likely to experience problems than with clear instructions. It is also helpful if everyone in your company can carry out those duties and responsibilities because it speeds up processes and makes them more efficient.


Salesforce Service Cloud is an online system, and as a result, it is more prone to attacks by cyber-criminals. If you do not have enough security measures in place, your data can be compromised. Thus, you will experience failure. You should ensure that you have proper encryption software in place so that no one else can view or use your data. You should also back up your files regularly and refrain from storing sensitive information or passwords on the software. This way, there is no chance of unauthorized users accessing your information through the internet or any external programs.

What to Look For

When you are implementing Salesforce, you need to ensure that you have the right people in your organization. You should ensure that they have the skills and expertise to make Salesforce a success. From the beginning of the process, everyone must understand their role to perform their duties without any problems.

Salesforce Training

You should ensure that working members of your organization have the necessary training to use Salesforce. You should train them to use the system because it will benefit all the employees in your organization. If you cannot train everyone, then there is a chance that they will run into problems when they start using the system. The more you invest in training, the less likely your employees will experience any problem because they will always be aware of their roles and responsibilities. It will also allow employees to quickly understand where they should input information for each process and procedure.

Security and Encryption

You must ensure that your Salesforce is adequately secured because it will contain sensitive and vital information. If you do not have the appropriate security in place, you could experience data loss or theft. You must make sure that your computer has the correct security settings before installing any new software. You should also encrypt the Salesforce data to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it or stealing it. The best way to protect Salesforce is with a firewall, so if you can set one up, then that would be ideal. The firewall will also help to maintain a strong internet connection by preventing any viruses from entering your system through the internet connection. You should always back up your data regularly to prevent data loss or theft. You must also make sure that your backups are stored in a safe, secure place so that they cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Salesforce Backup

You should ensure that you have the right Salesforce backup software to protect your information from potential failure. There are some great programs available, and you could also choose to use tape drives for extra protection of your files and data. You must make sure you test the system periodically to assess its functionality and determine if any issues need to be tackled before they cause a significant problem. You should also make sure that you regularly do regular backups to ensure that your information is safe and sound.

Salesforce Administration

You must ensure that you have the right people in your company who can run Salesforce. You will need to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise to ensure no failures. You must also train them to administer Salesforce to know where everything is, how it works, and what they need to do. The more trained your employees are, the less likely it will be for them to experience problems while using Salesforce. SME businesses should implement lean software development principles into their software development efforts because they have specific needs different from those of large enterprises. SME businesses have a limited budget and resources, so it is challenging for them to implement the long-term strategies put in place by large enterprises. You can use Kapsys as a software development house that listens to its client’s needs and follows their processes and business values to achieve maximum efficiency. We also are doing Salesforce service cloud automation and integration projects.