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Salesforce Consulting

Integrate every part of your company that interacts with customers including marketing, sales, service, and more.

    Salesforce Integration

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    First, we get to know you and take a close look at your company. It shows what is important to you. And together we work out the first draft of your CRM system in a detailed workshop.

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    First, we get to know you and take a close look at your company. It shows what is important to you. And together we work out the first draft of your CRM system in a detailed workshop.

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    Setting up your CRM system

    Then your personal CRM system will be put together. Kapsys Salesforce experts configure the user interface according to your requirements, migrate existing customer data and integrate your email system.

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    Finally, we will hand over a fully functional CRM system to you. Including comprehensive training in which we explain the basic functions and discuss specific case studies.

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    Value You’ll Get With Kapsys Salesforce Integration


    Analysis Workshop

    Together with Salesforce experts, you will analyze your current situation. Based on this knowledge, we will adapt your individual CRM system later.


    Basic Configuration

    We configure the user interface for you and adapt it to your needs. Our professionals install all the necessary applications for you.


    Sales automation

    We create the areas of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and activities according to your specifications: from the layout to the automated output of evaluations.


    Data migration

    At Kapsys Salesforce Integration we migrate your already collected customer data directly into your CRM system. For this we only need the data as an Excel or CSV file.


    Microsoft outlook / Gmail connect

    Of course, we also integrate your e-mail software into the CRM system and configure the connection so that the usual functionality is retained.


    Salesforce and Marketing training

    In a workshop we explain the functions of your new CRM system. We discuss examples that are suitable for your company and cater to your special requirements.


    Why should we hire a Salesforce Partner?arrow down icon

    Salesforce is a powerful platform with a wealth of features, but its complexity and learning curve can make it challenging for users to fully utilize its capabilities. The majority of users lack the technical knowledge during implementation of certain features leading to failure or issues during implementation. It is best to reach out to experienced professionals who can help you navigate the platform and avoid common implementation pitfalls. This not only saves you time and effort, but also ensures that you get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

    How do we know if our organization is fully optimized or healthy?arrow down icon

    Salesforce offers a built-in tool that scans for potential vulnerabilities, such as login access policies, password policy issues, session settings, and more. By running this check and reviewing the results, you can gain a clear understanding of the current state of your organization and take steps to address any identified issues.

    How can we determine the most appropriate Salesforce Cloud(s) for our business?arrow down icon

    Salesforce offers a variety of Clouds to suit your business processes, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, among others. To determine the most appropriate Cloud(s) for your business, it is best to work with a Salesforce expert who can evaluate your business processes and recommend the best solution. Additionally, the expert can ensure that the Cloud is properly configured to optimize its functionality and meet your specific needs.

    How long will a Salesforce implementation take for my business?arrow down icon

    The duration of a Salesforce implementation can vary depending on the size of your business and the scope of the project. A small implementation for a small business may take a couple of weeks, while a larger implementation for a larger business may take several months. Our team of experts take their time to deliver a thorough and expert implementation, while also being efficient to ensure that the implementation is done to the highest quality and standards.

    Is Salesforce suitable for small and medium-sized businesses?arrow down icon

    Salesforce is fashioned in a way to meet the demands of any size of business. Whether your organization is a startup or an established enterprise, our team of experts can help you fully leverage the capabilities of Salesforce to improve your business operations and drive growth. With our help, you can be sure to get the most out of Salesforce regardless of the size of your business.

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