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Custom Cybersecurity Software Development Is More Secure

24 May 2022 by Sara Wahba

Custom cybersecurity software development is the highest priority for all companies. How often do cybercrimes happen? According to an IBM report, the average security breach has now reached a cost of nearly $4 million. 

Custom cybersecurity solutions are the right solution to avoid all cyber attacks. You can always avoid spending hours and dollars recovering your stolen data and files. However, using untrusted software will not guarantee sufficient security and protection to secure your customers' data. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of your reputation and more money spent on advertising campaigns to improve your image and restore customer trust.  

Here are some reasons you should consider custom cybersecurity software development.

Don't rely on defaults

Relying on off-the-shelf software solutions for security means you can trust and rely on someone else's security idea. Is this something you might do to secure your customers' data?

The packaged software designers depend that the business owner will use other software to protect their data against cyber attacks and crimes. Therefore, it makes sense because this software is designed for commercial consumption. At the same time, many consumers think that using a rather complex password is a sufficient solution to secure their data, which is incorrect. Every business has different security demands, and every business owner has different security standards, and your adherence to strict security standards may distinguish you from other competitors. In some industries, a minor external security breach on a single program can unlock the entire database. By protecting your customers' data, you can avoid numerous lawsuits where customers whose data leaked will sue you.

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Security frameworks and organizational systems

We have mentioned that customized cybersecurity software tools and solutions are safer; indeed, it is true. However, there is no absolute guarantee for security. Custom software has to remain in a development cycle throughout its lifecycle so that it can keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in the cyber world. You can seek professional help from trusted custom software development companies to get you custom software. Dedicated development companies will utilize a framework to guarantee their whole organization (techniques, technologies, and individuals/teams) aligns with rules, requirements, guidelines and policies. This framework is an approach to assessing hazards sufficiently in advance, mitigating the possible consequence of exploiting any undetected vulnerabilities and enabling prompt reaction to correct the vulnerabilities' root causes. See 6 Best Practices For Secure Software Development It would be best if you thought more broadly about cybersecurity. You anticipate something that hasn't happened yet, and you take the required actions to avoid it happening in the future. Managing security at the project level only is not adequate. Prioritizing enterprise-level security would be the best option. Ensure that your software development partner takes a regulatory approach to cybersecurity.

Control Access

When working with custom software, you can control access better than if you paid for off-the-shelf software. What really distinguishes custom software is that you can include all the specifications you think it is serving your business. Then, when cybersecurity solutions companies design your cybersecure IT solutions, you can ask them to put some obstacles in front of the cybercriminals and not allow them to slip through your company's back doors. Passwords and usernames are the shortest way criminals take to cybercrime. If you trust off-the-shelf software to protect your users' passwords or data, you are literally handing your data to the cyber attackers effortlessly. And you expose yourself to two dangers of cybersecurity crimes. First, is the threat of attacking your own company. Second, is the threat of attacking the packaged software. In either case, your loss will be huge. You can control access with a customized solution. For example, you can set passwords to expire and keep a history of old passwords to avoid reusing them. In addition, controling the IP addresses are allowed to use your software.  

How Could Kapsys Help Improve an Entity's Security Using Custom cybersecurity software development?

Kapsys crafts custom software solutions to stop the attacks, back door entrances, and vulnerabilities and control the risks. For example, when Kapsys's developers develop customized software for their clients, it designs robust procedures for each login, such as strict authentication, credential authorization, and identity management checks. Kapsys continues the hard work in the custom software development industry and provides software solutions to its clients from different sectors such as healthcare, government, energy and education. See 5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom Software Development  

Conclusion of the Custom cybersecurity software development

Reliable custom-developed software gives you better protection from the risk of external attacks or vulnerabilities in your business. Indeed, you pay money to the best software development companies committed to providing you with the best possible level of security and protection for your software and your business. Furthermore, you can always rest assured that the cost of this custom software development you would pay for a cyber security solutions company will not be wasted. They are specifically designed to deal with such situations and meet your business and security demands. Instead of relying on someone else to do what you want, customized solutions will meet your industry standards from day one. Thus, you have achieved the standards of security and protection required by your business. However, keeping customer and employee data confidential and protected from the risks of outside attacks is a critical matter.