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Benefits of choosing one software development provider

March 1, 2024 by
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Most companies understand the benefits associated with using a single source for software and IT services. For years, industry analysts have pointed to the increased cost savings and productivity gains that companies enjoy when they eliminate redundant processes and outsource their entire development needs to one vendor. But there is another hidden benefit of having a long-term relationship with a single supplier: The ability to move quickly in response to changing competitive or market conditions.

It might seem better to gather specialists from different companies to work on your project - but this approach has significant drawbacks. The option of cooperating with one software development company instead of separate developers looks more attractive.

Read along to get the benefits of working with a software development team from one company.

1. Less Time and Effort Spent on Hiring

Cooperation with one company means fewer days spent on making decisions on choosing the best candidate for an open position. The process of recruiting and hiring can be quite time-consuming. The more time it takes, the less time there is for development.

Working with different software developers from different companies is a headache. It requires coordination with all parties involved in a project and a lot of effort to hire them. Hiring one company instead of many will save you a lot of time and effort that you can spend on developing your product.

Imagine a scenario where you want to hire a software developer. You would first need to draft a job description then send it to a recruitment agency to advertise the position. The recruitment agency has to wait for enough people to apply before conducting an interview. Remember, all this takes time and money you could have otherwise devoted to your project. The beauty of using one software development company is that you don't need to worry about recruiting new developers. That’s up to the company’s management to find competent developers to handle your project.

Creating a payroll for the different developers you have for your project can be a daunting task, especially if they all charge different rates. On the other hand, when you hire one company to work on your project, you’re paying them a fixed price. Thus, in the end, there won't be any arguments about billing hours spent working on the final product because it's already set.

Working with a single development team will save time in your project. Hiring software developers for each project wastes both your time and theirs. You have to explain every task again, hire them again, etc. Working within one company saves you all that! This makes working with one company much more cost-efficient, which is a significant advantage, especially for smaller projects.

Working with one development team means that there is no need for additional research. Developers can quickly find solutions to problems because they already know most of your product's features and specifics. This approach will further reduce the possibility for errors in production and boost efficiency within the project and values faster than hiring a new team every time the company gets a new task or wants to develop a new feature.

2. Much Easier Onboarding Process

The staff of one development company are all aware of each other's capabilities - this is their competitive advantage. As a result, they can offer the highest level of quality because there is no need to explain business processes within the project before working on tasks. This approach will allow you to reduce the time needed by your team members to become familiar with each other and start producing first results that meet your expectations. The fact that the company has worked on many other projects before will further increase the quality of execution. In addition, individual developers may have different points of view on deadlines, so you will have to waste time with coordination and explanations before starting a project rather than immediately start producing quality results. Hire one company that uses the same methodology for lean software development makes it easy to onboard them in a project. Working closely with one development team means placing your trust in people who know your product inside out. This approach will allow you to get the maximum number of chances that someone is always available for any question or request during office hours. After all, there are no employees off duty at different locations. Moreover, with experience in multiple projects related to your needs, developers can quickly solve existing problems with processes and improve them without wasting valuable time for researching and customer service staff layoffs needed when switching between contractors. The fact that software engineers continue working on one project ensures a stable and efficient workflow which cannot be said about situations with separate companies working on various aspects of the project. In addition, the company will always have a new perspective on what you need based on previous experience, and it won't limit itself to "just completing the task" since new problems within your business will be identified and investigated.

3. Elevated Knowledge and Expertise

Developers from one company are able to share new knowledge within the team because there is no need for them to explain previously learned industry best practices to other developers on the team. This reduces the chance of mistakes in the process and increases the quality of execution, thus resulting in more quality results. All specialists of a dedicated software development company work on a single project at a time. This reduces days wasted on context switching and allows delivering high quality within short deadlines due to less overhead cost. When working with one software company, it is easier for you to ensure every member of your team follows the same set of principles on how they build code. A single company often has one vision that distinguishes them from their competitors. If not, then more experienced developers would leave for another job offering better work conditions or higher salaries. Your project will have a higher chance to be completed successfully if your development company has gained relevant experience in the past. The first step of every successful project is pre-project analysis and estimation - this is another area where a single software development company has an advantage over hiring a team from different companies. Every member on the team provides their perspective on business processes, software architecture, and quality assurance based on previous experiences, thus resulting in more accurate plans. In addition, they know how these practices were implemented previously and can therefore leverage them for use with your project as well. A single vision allows creating coherent documentation, which reduces risks related to misunderstandings or misinterpretations by developers.

4. Great Intra Teams Cooperation

Another benefit when working with one company is the ability to immediately cooperate with project managers and maintainers. Outsourcing the entire project to one software development company reduces time spent on communication and allows you to focus your attention on other important areas of the project. In addition, the company has direct access to its developers, which guarantees timely control over deadlines and the completion of tasks. In addition, there won't be any need to devote significant resources to training as it would be for larger teams of different developers. Team members will be responsible for a certain project from the beginning to the end, and they will get to know each other by working in the same office and understanding all of their colleagues' skills and potentials. This way, it is more convenient to facilitate the cooperation process between software developers by exchanging knowledge related to the project. As a result - the development of high-quality software that satisfies both sides. Even if the developers live close together, hiring one company instead of several freelancers is often more effective and efficient. This will save you a lot of time during project management because there is only very little "overhead" like checking up on everyone's work, updating progress reports, etc.

5. Much Friendlier Team Spirit

Team spirit and motivation come with group belongingness and the feeling of being part of something larger than oneself. It also enhances morale, increases performance, decreases tardiness or absenteeism, improves the working atmosphere, etc. However, if software developers come together for the first time when working on your project, they may lack the team spirit to carry out the tasks as a team. Working with software developers from one company is much more efficient than hiring an external team for each project. From the very beginning of any project, it is important to plan carefully what should be done in the software development process. If software developers are coming together for the first time, they do not have a common ground on which they can build their cooperation. With a single company, you have people who have worked side by side for years or even decades – this is a strong foundation on which your team will be built. Planning every step of the project becomes much easier when you know the people involved, what they are good at and how they work.


Without a doubt, the benefits above are compelling enough as to why every business should consider hiring one company for their custom software development projects. If you’re a small business owner looking to hire a company for your software development project, you should consider hiring Kapsys. Kapsys is a software development house that not only listens to its client’s needs but also follows their processes and business values in order to achieve maximum efficiency. They have extensive experience helping companies like yours develop and launch applications to various markets worldwide. As a business, you’re guaranteed to get the best return on your investment once you trust Kapsys with all your software development projects.