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Benefits of Remote Work for Companies

March 8, 2024 by
  • Remote Work

The benefits of Remote Work for Companies are increasing rapidly. Moreover, remote working has become increasingly popular recently, especially among younger workers. The millennials and upcoming generations of workers want flexibility. Working remotely allows employees to not swamp at work and forget about their life, friends and families. So the remote workers can spend less time commuting and more time doing other things. Also, working from home is a win-win situation as it saves employers money by reducing office space costs. So, let's learn with Kapsys; why working from home is good for business and what are the 5 Benefits of Remote Work for Companies:

Remote Employees Are More Productive

According to a study by Gallup, employees who work remotely are more productive than those who do not. In 2012, Gallup data showed that 39% of employees worked remotely, meaning they spent at least some time working away from their coworkers. This is because they spend less time commuting and more time doing actual work. They also tend to be happier at work.

If you still asking why working from home is good for business. Here's one of the leading pieces of research on this was during a two-year Stanford University study on two separated groups of 500 workers divided into two groups. The first group worked in the office, and the second group was working from home. The study result; the productivity boost from remote work was equivalent to one whole working day extra.

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A Benefit of Remote Work for Companies is "You Save Money"

You will save money on office space, utilities, and other expenses if you choose to work remotely. In addition, you won’t need to pay for an office manager, janitorial staff, security guards, and other costs associated with having an office. For example, working from home companies allow remote workers to use their computers and smartphones. As a result, the drain on companies' resources will decline significantly.

You Reduce Employees Turnover When They Work Remotely

Another benefit of remote work is that you reduce turnover. If an employee feels comfortable with their job, they will not feel the need to leave. Instead, they will stay because they enjoy their job. Another significant remote work benefits for companies is the potential to reduce staff turnover. This can be important because finding a replacement for outgoing staff costs a lot and brings several delays. In addition, companies can easily lose employees when working in the office because people move constantly. Unfortunately, this is one of the significant reasons employers lose some of their best employees from time to time. Remote work benefits for companies have no end as it is a great chance to help companies retain staff for several reasons: 

  • First, many employees enjoy the flexibility and working from home environment. With remote working, location isn't an issue.
  • The best advantage of remote working is that parents can continue working when they provide child care. 
  • Furthermore, physical relocation becomes less of an issue too.

In that case, there is no problem for remote companies to work with remote workers from across the country or their homes with babies, thanks to technological advancements.

You Have Better Quality Control While Remote Working

One of the most significant advantages of working remotely is better quality control. This means you can monitor your employees much more straightforwardly than if they were sitting in front of you. You can also keep tabs on them by checking their activity online. There are many remote work tools that allow you to monitor your employees' productivity and activities during their working hours such as; Hubstaff or Toggle. Instead, you can use some help from a custom software development company like Kapsys to design custom software that meets your business requirements. 

Conclusion of Benefits of Remote Work for Companies

By reading this post, you should know why working from home is good for business. Working from home is full of surprises, it is not as boring as many people say, you will get yourself familiar with many different cultures and will get to meet many people around the world. Remote working arrangements allow companies to find workers all around the world. In addition, the most important benefit of remote work is allowing people to continue in their lives and work, which multiplies their productivity. Doubtlessly, your company will be the winner by enabling remote working. Kapsys is a successful example of remote working; we have a large remote team working from different countries, even continents. Working from home is the future, and we can assure you that the benefits of remote work for companies are unlimited!