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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Salesforce Sales Cloud

10 May 2022 by Sara Wahba

There are many reasons why you should use Salesforce Sales Cloud. The Sales Cloud is a robust technology for building customized marketing automation strategies and successful companies. You can effectively increase your business opportunities once you understand the benefits of the sales cloud and the services it offers you. The Sales Cloud will empower many organizations and businesses to effectively manage and expand their customer base. 

What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salespeople or marketers usually use the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM integration to combine multi-channel interactions and collaboration between email, SMS, text alerts, social advertising, social marketing and entertainment.

Salesforce Sales Cloud serves as a way for companies to store and access their information through the cloud. It also works to track marketing, and customer service, improve customer retention and sales, digital commerce, and website analytics. 

In addition, the Salesforce Cloud technologies help you handle marketing campaigns more accurately and quickly.

Sales Cloud from Salesforce allows businesses to track customers and manage leads. You can get real-time tracking data and access valuable reports through the Sales Cloud platform's dashboard.

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Why Choose Salesforce Sales Cloud?

There is no point in using more tools and software if they are useless or do not boost your work. So Why Choose Salesforce Sales Cloud? According to the Salesforce State of Service report:

  • 85% of executives with service oversight identify customer service as a critical competitive differentiator. 
  • 52% of consumers have reportedly switched brands in the past year due to poor service. 
  • $1.6 trillion is the loss of revenue due to poor customer service that costs U.S. businesses annually.

You don't need to be part of this state of service report. Instead, you can use the Salesforce Cloud to get automated workflows. Salesforce Sales Cloud makes office work qualitatively and quantitatively measurable. In addition, the Sales Cloud facilitates internal and external communication and works cloud-based, without additional hardware or software. Finally, the Sales Cloud provides free updates and excellent support. As a result, you can work effectively and efficiently to get the best results. Learn Why Salesforce Sales Cloud Is Crucial to Your Business

Top Reasons And Benefits Of Using Salesforce Sales Cloud

Analysis Workshop

You can analyze your current situation based on what a customer has done previously, including unsubscribing, sharing with a friend, or ordering. Based on this knowledge Salesforce Sales Cloud analyses the behavioral background of a customer to predict potential behaviors. As a result, advertisers can guide the consumer experience according to actual client desires and therefore enjoy a higher response rate. For example, suppose a customer bought products on sale, then they will always read updates about the latest sale. Using the analysis workshop will allow you to learn about the actual client desires to enhance the updates about the latest sale.

Provides Various Channels

let's take a look at some of the different channels that Salesforce Service Cloud implementation could provide and how your organization can benefit from using these powerful features and connect with its clients:

Social Studio 

The social studio allows you to schedule, conduct, and monitor campaigns for social media advertising. In addition, using the social studio makes you easily track your social media and engage in conversations. 

Email Studio

You may also keep track of your email marketing, integrate your email software into the CRM system, and configure the connection so that the usual functionality is retained. You can build effective client emails using features, advanced predictive analytics, and email distribution tools, and you could further improve your return rate.

Advertising Studio

You can use the advertising studio to manage ad campaigns. Utilizing an advertising studio allows you to control digital ads and control advertisements with the advertising studio. In addition, you can use customer data from multiple channels to securely reach customers and lookalikes across various platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Web Studio

You can design stunning, dynamic web pages and customized content using web studio tools. Web studio allows you to track or monitor your customer interaction's actual time on your website. As a result, you can gain perspective insights from this monitoring. Web studio also offers you the ability to generate personalized content and recommendations.

Communicate Based On Well-being

Probably you will need to identify consumer wellbeing. Using the Sales Cloud from Salesforce gives you that by building critical messages.  For example, Suppose you have a client complaining about customer support. This customer would be less receptive to an email about renewal deals.  Here is where the Sales Cloud role comes; it will customize marketing activities based on the received signals.  In addition, the salesforce service cloud implementation will allow you to evaluate the outcomes of campaigns accurately.

It Helps To Increase The Engagement

To convert the audience into leads, you need to use sustainable systems such as Email Studio and Social Studio can allow us to develop customized email marketing campaigns and social media strategies.  At some point, you will need to increase engagement and create a bond with your customers and be able to drive interaction with your audience. The Sales Cloud will give you that option, whereas the mobile studio would enable you to use SMS, push notifications, or crowd messaging services to perform acts.

More Security 

Your industry competitors could cause you damage. However, you can avoid that by analyzing the data. In addition, you can protect your company against scheming activity using the Sales Cloud software. The Sales Cloud software provides a secure network by encrypting data between the business and the client.


We have discussed; what the Salesforce Sales  Cloud is and why you should consider using the Salesforce Sales Cloud. And we took a look at some of the different channels that Sales Cloud provides. And the value you'll get with Kapsys Salesforce integration. So now, we can assure you that considering using the Salesforce Sales Cloud is the best option to enhance your work performance. Kapsys also could offer you custom Salesforce Sales Cloud software development; contact us.