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7 Ways to Get More Value from Salesforce Sales Cloud

March 1, 2024 by
  • Salesforce

The best ways to use Salesforce Sales Cloud are definitely the ways that increase sales and revenue. Getting more sales is the goal of every sales team in all companies. The Salesforce Sales Cloud provides you with the best sales effectiveness tools to increase sales and revenue productivity. 

It would help if you knew how to manage a sales team using the best sales strategies to increase revenue. Thus, Kapsys would like to discuss in this post how to get more sales and done deals, how to drive revenue and gives you a deep insight into the best ways to use the Salesforce Sales Cloud in the following few lines. Enrich your knowledge by discovering why Salesforce is Sales Cloud Crucial to Your Business?

The best ways to use Salesforce Sales Cloud to get more sales

Being a Sales Cloud customer has cut you halfway through getting more sales and increasing sales and revenue. To achieve the desired results from your company and reach your goal, you need to keep your sales team ahead. Learning how to manage a sales team is neither easy nor simple, but there are strategies to increase revenue that must be followed rigorously using sales effectiveness tools.

Here are the best ways to use Salesforce Sales Cloud to get more sales,  increase sales productivity and drill into specific areas of rep productivity, pipeline, lead conversion, and more:


Implementing the best ways to use Salesforce Sales Cloud allows companies to customize their CRM system to meet their unique needs and quickly scale sales processes, find efficiencies, and respond rapidly to changing customer demands.

Sales Cloud allows its users enhanced customization to develop fine-tuned apps, profiles, and page layouts that are perfect for how you do business. With Sales Cloud, it’s possible to make as many custom tabs, apps, and objects as you need to get the job done.


Even the best sales effectiveness tools require adoption strategies to increase revenue. So here’s your cheat sheet:

  • First, use Salesforce central to do a great job: use Salesforce to get full credit for building pipelines and closing deals.
  • After that, make Salesforce the measure of success: Put monthly pipeline and booking targets into Salesforce Sales Cloud. 
  • Next, run every sales meeting and forecast call out of Salesforce: Run every key presentation from the tool. 
  • Then, drive change at the speed of social: As a sales team leader, you need to be an apparent social user.
  • Finally, put it on the devices reps love: Enable the Salesforce1 Mobile App. 



One of the best ways to use Salesforce Sales Cloud is to automate all processes. Automation means saving efforts and time for sales teams, cutting out low-value, repetitive tasks and empowering them to focus on getting more sales. Deploying Salesforce Sales Engagement provides everything salespeople need - prioritized task lists, prompts, insights, and trends - to maximize sales productivity.  Sales Cloud allows you to automate thousands of tasks and business processes, including pricing approvals, travel reports, and record updates. Layering on artificial intelligence makes you get more sales. With automation, you will know how to manage your sales team to increase sales and revenue productivity.


The salespeople on your team must use several programs and apps every morning to access and verify their data. They use many digital tools to get their jobs done, and data can be stored in multiple places, making serving their customers more demanding to get more sales. Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to connect it with other applications. So, reps need only access one system to see the complete picture of their customers. Get more information about Salesforce Service Cloud vs. Sales Cloud. Connecting Salesforce to other apps through application program interfaces (APIs) is easy. Also, finding the perfect fit for your sales needs from partner apps is more accessible now. Leverage the best ways to use Salesforce and connect Sales Cloud to every sales process, from e-signatures to payment calculators. 


Your sales team relies on Sales Cloud for day-to-day operations, so you want to test any new workflow or customization changes before they are put into production. Salesforce has provided you with a better alternative than testing in a significant production organization where sandboxes are a great solution.  You can develop, test, and implement new ideas without compromising the data and applications in the main org. The sandbox provides a safe testing ground. In addition, it helps you roll out more incredible innovations to your team faster. Salesforce Sales Cloud produces different sandboxes developed to give your sales team admins, developers, and programmers. 

Get Smart

Suppose your salespeople have all the personal data of your customers and sales to reveal the best leads, opportunities, and insights. Wouldn't it be better to organize their data carefully for faster ways to work? Salesforce used artificial intelligence (AI) from the lab and onto the devices your reps use daily. Salesforce, Sales Cloud Einstein AI system analyses CRM data and applies algorithms to increase sales and revenue. In addition, Einstein Activity Capture attaches relevant emails and meetings to the correct Salesforce records getting more sales. Here's what Sales Cloud Einstein can do to manage your sales team geniuses right out of the box to get more sales:

  • First, build a quality pipeline faster.
  • Then, get targeted sales advice based on your entire sales cycle. 
  • Finally, save reps tough time and energy.

Talk to Kapsys

The first step to getting more sales for your company is to use Sales Cloud. To get the best results by increasing sales and revenue, you can use Salesforce Cloud Services. Accordingly, you may use our services by contacting Kapsys. We provide ongoing support when needed and answer all your questions regarding all Salesforce Sales Cloud services and resources. In addition, we can help you to get more sales by developing strategies to increase revenue and sales effectiveness tools through Salesforce Sales Cloud. Also, you can know more information about What is Salesforce Sales Cloud: Modules & Features. 


Did it ever cross your mind if you could get more out of the world’s #1 CRM system? Have you thought about automating all of the manual processes in your sales cycle? What if you could create customizations that map your team’s unique needs? Have you tried to connect Sales Cloud to other business applications and quickly develop customizations, apps, and new ways of connecting with your customers?  Using the Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you all of these benefits and more. In addition, learning about the best ways to use salesforce using sales effectiveness tools gives you an advantage over your competitors to get more sales and increase sales and revenue productivity. Kapsys helps you to speed up deployment, increase sales and revenue productivity and boost reliability. We can help you get the maximum value out of Sales Cloud — making your sales organization more effective.