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How Do I Get CRM Analytics in Salesforce?

March 8, 2024 by
  • Salesforce

Salesforce CRM Analytics is a powerful tool that helps businesses connect and analyze data from multiple sources. It allows users to create interactive views of the data and share them in apps, providing better ways to distribute insights to business users. In this blog post, we will explore how CRM Analytics can help businesses understand and act on changing information and how it can be used to augment business intelligence with statistical modeling and supervised machine learning. We will also discuss the benefits of using CRM Analytics and the licenses required to access this tool. Furthermore, Kapsys provides a comprehensive guide to CRM Analytics in Salesforce.

Analyze Your Data

The Analytics CRM in the Salesforce platform includes several components designed to help you analyze your data. You can use these features to create dashboards, reports, and visualizations. These include

  • Reports and Dashboards: The reports and dashboards offered by Salesforce are designed to give you insight into how your business is performing and where you need to improve. They comprehensively view your company's performance across all business areas. You can use these reports to identify opportunities for growth, monitor trends, and make informed decisions about your business.
  • Explore Data and Take Action with CRM Analytics: CRM Analytics is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses connect and analyze data from multiple sources. It allows users to create interactive views of the data and share them in apps, providing better ways to distribute insights to business users. This enables them to understand and act on changing information.
  • Explain, Predict, and Take Action with Einstein Discovery: Einstein Discovery is a tool that helps augment business intelligence using statistical modeling and supervised machine learning. It helps identify and surface insights from business data and uses predictive and prescriptive analysis to predict future outcomes and suggest ways to improve those predictions. This tool requires either the CRM Analytics Plus license or the Einstein Predictions license, which is available at an additional cost.

Get Started Using CRM Analytics in Salesforce

You can operate CRM Analytics apps, dashboards, and lenses by clicking a few clicks.

Learn What You Can Do with CRM Analytics

  • Exploring and visualizing your data Interactively is a must.
  • Data exploration is an iterative process, view, explore, refine, save, and share.
  • Collections of data in CRM Analytics.
  • Read the data exploration concepts.
  • Familiarize yourself with what a dashboard is.
  • Know what the key elements of a CRM Analytics dashboard are.
  • Query your data to know your business.

Open CRM Analytics in Salesforce

To start in the CRM Analytics Studio from the App Launcher:

  • Find and open CRM Analytics Studio.

To start in the Analytics tab:

  • Find and open the Analytics item.
  • Open the App Launcher
  • Click View All
  • Then click the CRM Analytics Studio tile (1) or the Analytics item (2).

Get Oriented on Your CRM Analytics Home

To find your Salesforce CRM Analytics assets, you can enter keywords using the search bar's keyword feature. In addition, semantic research helps you find highly accurate results that closely match the keywords you entered. Moreover, you can organize and share your collection of items with groups on your homepage. Finally, this will enable you to find what suits you any time and discover new insights using smart recommendations. See: 5 Ways For Business Growth With Salesforce CRM

Curate and Share Insights with Collections

CRM Analytics Collections in Salesforce enables you to manage your collection of items and customize your homepage. In addition, by adding the dashboards and lenses you care about, you can organize the perfect set to stay organized, even if it's redundant and common across different applications.

  • First, create a Collection
  • Second, add Items to a Collection
  • Then, share a Collection
  • Then, pin a Collection
  • Also, edit Collections
  • Next, arrange Items in a Collection
  • Furthermore, remove Items from a Collection
  • In addition, add Collections to Lightning Pages
  • Finally, subscribe to Multiple Shared Collections


View, Collaborate, and Take Action from Einstein CRM Analytics

Salesforce CRM Analytics allows users to explore their data through conversations and personalized dashboard views. Collaboration features such as notifications, annotations, and presentation mode are available, as well as the ability to download filtered data from the platform. Also, custom menus in lenses and dashboards allow users to take action in Salesforce directly from CRM Analytics.

  • Start with conversing with your data
  • Then, save your filtered view of a dashboard
  • Next, control who sees what in an app with asset visibility
  • After that, collaborate with dashboard annotations
  • In addition, present live, interactive dashboards
  • Moreover, share dashboards, widgets, and lenses
  • Also, Tableau Cloud Views in CRM Analytics (Beta)
  • Then, download CRM Analytics Images and Export Filtered Data
  • Next, create PDF Files and Print Your Dashboards
  • Finally, perform Salesforce Actions Directly from CRM Analytics

Learning Resources

CRM Analytics has a variety of in-app help:

  • First, get Started, Educate Yourself, and Stay Informed in the Learning Center
  • Next, access Assistance When and Where You Need It
  • Then, learn CRM Analytics Through Video
  • After that, learn CRM Analytics with In-App Examples
  • Also, find the Right Learning Resource for Each Step of the CRM Analytics Journey
  • Furthermore, learn CRM Analytics with Trailhead
  • Next, watch CRM Analytics Learning Days Webinars
  • Moreover, learn Best Practices from the Experts
  • Finally, take Tips from Trailblazers

Analytics Glossary

Familiarize yourself with common Analytics terminology in Salesforce CRM Analytics. Salesforce provides its users with a glossary terms guide where they can find the important and related terminologies.

Salesforce CRM Analytics: Conclusion

Well done on completing this blog post! By signing up for Kapsys, you have taken the first step toward learning the powerful features of this platform. In the upcoming blog posts, you will learn more about Salesforce CRM Analytics and other features and services from Salesforce. Keep up the excellent work! Read: Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM For Small Businesses