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How Service Cloud Improves Customer Satisfaction?

09 August 2022 by Sara Wahba

Using the Salesforce Service Cloud can easily get you Salesforce customer satisfaction. Salesforce Service Cloud provides many benefits, creating a seamless customer service experience. In addition, it increases customer satisfaction, profitability, and cost reduction. So there is no question that it is crucial to get Salesforce customer satisfaction. However, the challenge that so many business owners are still trying to tackle is how to use Salesforce for customer service improvement and customer satisfaction. In this article, let’s learn with Kapsys what is Salesforce Service Cloud and how to use Salesforce for customer service.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform for service management from Salesforce. The Service Cloud allows companies to work with their customers and channel associates to deliver excellent service. 

In addition, Salesforce Service Cloud lets customer service reps work efficiently and productively via various channels like web chat, email, phone and social media. Here are some of the Salesforce Service Cloud benefits impressive stats that can benefit your business progress:

  • 22% decrease in support cost
  • 26% increase in customer retention
  • 28% uplift of agent productivity
  • 31% increase in case resolution


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Sales Vs. Service Cloud

Sales Vs. Service Cloud is a fierce competition because Service Cloud and Sales Cloud are CRM applications that emanate from the Salesforce Platform. So, how does CRM increase customer satisfaction?

The Salesforce Service Cloud differentiators help businesses support existing customers through its; 

  • Customer service console, 
  • Live chat, 
  • Community software. 

On the other hand, Salesforce Sales Cloud allows companies to manage sales activity with;

  • Contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Forecasting tools. 

Of course, each CRM applications of them have its cons and pros. However, you can weigh them by your business needs and requirements. Using these apps with applying the best practices can get you Salesforce customer satisfaction. 73.2-What-is-Salesforce-and-What-Does-It-Do-in-2022_.jpg

How can Salesforce Service Cloud Impact My Customer Retention and Satisfaction?

Training the sales team to answer customers' many inquiries is inevitable and boosts salesforce customer satisfaction. Also, your sales team must be well-trained to respond to customers' queries quickly, confidently and accurately. The better customer service, the higher customer satisfaction probabilities. In addition, we all know very well that there is a high possibility of satisfied customers returning to your product or service. Furthermore, you can lean on a proactive response to get customer satisfaction.

So, how to use Salesforce for customer service by using Service Cloud can; 

  • Familiarize your customer service team with the tools they need to deliver an advanced customer experience, thus earning Salesforce customer satisfaction.
  • Provision your sales team with the efficiency they need to work smarter and more effectively. As a result, the sales team will increase productivity and enhance Salesforce customer satisfaction.
  • Enable you to develop a self-service community that gives customers access to valuable information about your product or a customer support rep when needed.
  • Provide your organization with valuable information about a customer's case history. Thus, a specialist can help answer technical and common questions. 

Moreover, these salesforce service cloud objects provide an outstanding and advanced customer experience, boosting Salesforce customer satisfaction.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud?

Here are the 9 main features and benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud: 

  • Agent workspace. 
  • Case management. 
  • Knowledge management.
  • Service process automation.
  • Omnichannel routing.
  • Service analytics.
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI).
  • Automation with macros
  • Asset and order management.


What is the Salesforce Service Cloud Features?

Other features of Service Cloud include the following:

  • Customized reporting.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Multichannel Salesforce integration.
  • Mobile application.
  • Integration with legacy systems.
  • Live agent webchats.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) Salesforce permissions.
  • Team collaboration systems.
  • Community Cloud integration.
  • Service-level agreements (SLA) with visual timelines.
  • Service entitlements.

These benefits of Salesforce service cloud and features allow you to get Salesforce customer satisfaction. Thus, you can refine your sales team skills with these salesforce service cloud benefits, get more deals, and reduce your costs.

Using Salesforce Service Cloud For Customer Service: Conclusion

This article will give you an overview of Salesforce Service Cloud and its features and benefits. In addition, learn how to use salesforce for customer service and Salesforce differentiators. If you doubt customer satisfaction and retention because they are not in the proper position. In that case, you can contact Kapsys immediately to get the support you need to improve your business progress. Now, you can enhance your salesforce customer satisfaction and business operations using Salesforce for customer service.