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Lead Management Made Easy With Salesforce

12 October 2022 by Sara Wahba

Many companies aim to get the privilege of creating new business opportunities, converting them into prospectives, nurturing and qualifying them, and ultimately turning them into revenue. This process is called lead management, and its steps can be facilitated using Salesforce lead management options. Lead generation is not a simple process. However, taking this route through Salesforce Sales Cloud may be the shortest path for many companies as it provides companies with a robust and efficient management system. In this post, Kapsys will discuss why Salesforce lead management is vital to businesses and how Salesforce makes lead management as uncomplicated as it is without it.

What is Lead Management?

When you nurture leads according to a carefully crafted and structured plan, move them through the sales funnel, and track them as they become existing customers, this is what we call lead management.

Companies use Salesforce Lead Management to identify and qualify potential buyers. In addition, nurture them until they become existing customers and start implementing a CTA. Furthermore, track their activities, to retain existing customers and re-purchasing experience.

Salesforce lead management is the cornerstone of increasing sales for companies that sell complex products directly to other businesses (B2B) or that sell through intermediaries. See Lead Management By Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Through the lead management process, companies aim to facilitate first contact through purchase and beyond. In practice, there are many different things you can do to support your leadership management efforts:

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Lead Generation Strategy

A successful lead generation strategy understands the type of customer you're targeting.

Lead capture

You can reach leads through websites, email campaigns, and social media posts. In addition, you can get the contact information of potential clients.

Nurture leads

You can build relationships with potential clients and create a pipeline of qualified leads. You can do this with Salesforce lead management by providing information and tools that help move potential customers through their buying journey.

Qualify leads

It would help if you had specific criteria to determine which leads are worthy of your time and which ones should be excluded to qualify the leads generated.

Score leads

Scoring the sales and marketing teams identify leads and allow employees to reach those people directly.

Convert leads into customers

The final step in the lead management process is converting qualified leads into customers. Furthermore, the Salesforce lead management system can help you manage effective leads by: 

  • First, Prioritize potential clients.
  • Second, Keep in touch with potential customers who are not currently eligible to purchase.
  • Then, Focus on leads with high conversion potential.
  • After that, Complete more deals by tracking potential customers.
  • Moreover, Track the stage of the purchasing process that each potential customer goes through.
  • Finally, Forecasting your sales numbers makes it easier to make plans.


Lead Management with Salesforce CRM

You can get a detailed view of all aspects of the lead management process using Salesforce lead management from Sales Cloud. Thus, Salesforce CRM helps companies manage leads by:

  • Auto-filling Forms and Lead Capture: It enables you to fill forms automatically with information from existing records, making it easier to capture leads from websites.
  • Validation of Leads: Validating potential clients can remove unqualified contacts from their database. Thus, companies ensure that sales teams focus only on potential customers.
  • Assigning Leads: Salesforce CRM makes it easy to assign leads to salespeople from the pool of leads.
  • Scoring of Leads: Salesforce CRM key scoring allows companies to focus on potential customers rather than wasting time and resources on unqualified customers.
  • Nurturing of Leads: Businesses can use tools to create automated lead-care workflows from Salesforce CRM to send automated emails and messages to educate potential customers and help them with their buying journey.
  • Conversion of Leads: Salesforce CRM Lead Journey Tracking helps companies understand how long it takes the lead to become a buyer.
  • Customizable dashboard: The dashboard allows you to filter leads based on specific criteria by displaying all customer data.
  • Lead management automation: Automating repetitive tasks like sending follow-up emails or making task alerts helps save a lot of time and effort. Likewise, it also enhances team productivity.

Salesforce Integrations for Lead Management

Relying solely on Salesforce lead management options from Salesforce Sales Cloud alone is not enough to complete your business. It will help you integrate Salesforce applications to manage your marketing, sales, and customer service activities. Thus, some of the more popular integrations include:

Web analytics

You can integrate Salesforce with web analytics software such as Google Analytics. Hence, this integration helps you understand how visitors use your website.

E-commerce platforms

You can integrate Salesforce with e-commerce platforms such as; Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others to track the progress of your sales funnel.

Marketing automation

Easily manage your email and social media campaigns by integrating Salesforce with tools like; Hubspot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Hootsuite.

Accounting software

Easily integrate Salesforce with accounting applications such as; QuickBooks or Xero processes billing, payments, and other financial transactions.

Salesforce Lead Management: Conclusion

Using the Salesforce lead management from Sales Cloud gives you the value of your work. Furthermore, it makes getting the leads easier for your salespeople. Kapsys can help you integrate your lead generation tools with Salesforce CRM and set up lead management dashboards, reports, and metrics. In addition, customize Salesforce CRM according to your organizational structure. Moreover, integrate the lead management system with marketing automation platforms.