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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud and its Benefits?

20 May 2022 by Sara Wahba

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? And what are its benefits? For first-time users of Salesforce Sales Cloud, maybe you have too many to count questions running through your mind. At Kapsys, we would like to help you improve your knowledge about the Sales Cloud. As a result, you will have a chance to enhance the effectiveness of your organization's sales team. Hence, that will increase the number of sales and fast your sales cycles. In this post, let's learn more about the Salesforce Service Sales cloud, What it is and what its benefits are:

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform for managing customer relationships. It is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The Sales Cloud is a part of the Salesforce, it is a specific application that is designed to support sales, marketing and customer support related to the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts. See How to Build a B2B Sales Funnel Using Salesforce?

Salesforce provides the Sales Cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS) for browser-based access; a mobile app is also available. 

Sales Cloud focuses on improving the sales team's adequacy to increase sales. Compared to other sales methods, it is impressive as it provides the customer account information. In addition, the Sales Cloud platform collects the data about the product and customer from the other different social feeds. Therefore, that allows the sales team to evaluate the prospect of a sales lead and complete the sales faster. See 5 Steps of Effective Salesforce Implementation

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What are Salesforce Sales Cloud Benefits? 

Sales Cloud takes your business processes and merges them all into one medium. This process allows you to be effective and gives you a complete sight of your clients. The Sales Cloud helps your sales team’s productivity and breeds more business revenue.  If you are new to the Salesforce Sales Cloud and discover it for the first time, you would've asked yourself, what Key business Goals could you acquire by using the Sales Cloud? Or, why should I use the Sales Cloud? And why you should go for the salesforce service cloud implementation? So, Kapsys will present some of the benefits that come with Sales Cloud:

Personalization of the Sales Process

The module addresses your demands so you can be adaptable and customize your processes to meet the particular requirements of the sales team and the customers. The Salesforce Sales Cloud gives alerts on active leads and creates personalized campaigns.

Increased Opportunities

The Salesforce Sales Cloud allows sales reps to share data, get approvals, and push values with their smartphones anytime, anywhere. The module keeps growing to satisfy customers' needs. Nowadays, the customers are learning to handle technology rapidly, and we have to adapt to these new technologies more quickly in our businesses to increase the opportunities. See 5 Tips About Sales Cloud

Accurate Forecasting

Salesforce Sales Cloud would never get confused with any number of customers' data. How many companies you've heard about their falling after reps leave? That would never happen with you while you use the Sales Cloud. With the Sales Cloud, the company owns the data with the Sales Cloud, not the reps. That will help you accurately forecast over time. The Sales Cloud leverages help from the frequently updated reports.

Boost Productivity

The Sales cloud provides many productive ways to allow you to analyze your team's monthly progress. Moreover, Sales Cloud helps you put your progress against your quota. Sales Cloud includes clear answers to your questions and inquiries about your business process effectiveness using the data comparison method. However, Sales Cloud makes it easier to manage your reports. See Why The Sales Cloud Is Crucial For Your Business

Drives Steady Growth

One of the main benefits of Sales Cloud is that it allows you to gather all of your customer data in one place. Furthermore, doing this process manually or depending on initial methods would take time and effort. For instance, now, you can replace dozens of your disorganized sticky notes and spreadsheets tracking customers' data with one organized system that helps you manage your data.  According to the Salesforce state of sales report, those using Sales Cloud experience a 45% increase in customer retention and a 37% increase in sales revenue.

Streamlines Business Processes

You can scale your streamlined business process using the Salesforce Sales Cloud. The business circumstances are changeable all the time. So, sales Cloud gives your sales team enough time to consider adequate practice with the module. In addition, the Sales Cloud helps you develop your business and its system by allowing the users to have plans in place.

Shortens the Sales Cycle

The goal is always to shorten the sales cycle. So, why not shorten the way to that goal?! Following Salesforce Service cloud implementation strategies will make that happen. Using the Sales Cloud allows your sales rep to focus on the right prospects to help extend your business and develop better processes. Over and above that, effectiveness shortens your sales cycle timelines while your results become even more genuine.

Conclusion of what is the Salesforce Sales Cloud and its benefits: 

Forget about all the old ways to track your customers' data. You can replace all the spreadsheets that you tangled in with Sales Cloud. The customer relationship management (CRM) platform allows you to find an even better way to manage your business process to develop your company. By salesforce sales cloud implementation you can get more deals, close more deals, close deals faster, and make quicker decisions. You can leverage Kapsys to implement the Salesforce integration strategy. Moreover, Kapsys provides the Salesforce integration best practices.