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Software Development

5 Steps to Hire Angular Developers in 2022

12 December 2022 by Sara Wahba

Planning to hire Angular developers is not an easy process, but it is also not impossible. You can hire an angular software development company or better hire angular developers when planning correctly. Therefore, you should know more about the recruitment process.

Knowing what questions to ask about hard and soft skills and where to find Angular developers is essential. In this article, kapsys will help you identify the key points you should be aware of if you want to hire an Angular developer or even an entire team.

What Is Angular in Software Development?

The JavaScript ecosystem is divided into several other frameworks that fall under it, including Angular. The Angular framework is one of the most popular software development tools today.

Angular was first developed by Google in 2009 and received warm recommendations from the development community. According to StackOverflow 2022 survey, 23% of front-end developers use the Angular framework to create user interfaces.

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Step 1. Define Your Requirements

In the beginning, before choosing the developer you want, you should prepare a complete definition of your project to be able to define the outsourcing requirements for Angular developers. Here are some examples of the questions to keep in mind:

  • What particular business challenge would you like to solve?
  • Is your app idea drafted?
  • Are all features and functions defined?
  • Which standout features are required?
  • Which additional features do you need?
  • Is it going to be an MVP or full-feature software?
  • Will your software be free or paid?
  • What is your software monetization strategy?
  • Should you outsource development or hire an in-house team?
  • Should you hire a freelancer or go with a company?
  • What is your budget?

Step 2. Screen Candidates

Angular developer positions can range from junior developer to mid to senior Angular developer. Thus, it is necessary to define the job requirements to be aligned with the core skills of the Angular developer you are interviewing. There are some key points to consider to make it easier to understand the skills you need to keep in mind when hiring Angular developers:

Angular Experience 

  • You should hire a front-end web developer who already has experience in Angular.
  • Ensure that the developer has worked on the latest version of Angular and not the 2010s, significantly different AngularJS.

Good Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and TypeScript

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS is a must.
  • You need someone with solid experience in this area to achieve results quickly since TypeScript is more complex than JavaScript.

Mastery of Additional Relevant Technologies

Many tools/skills help the developer perform better, such as;

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • RxJS library,
  • Webpack
  • Node Package Manager (npm)
  • Various testing programs.
  • Knowledge of other front-end frameworks is also helpful for implementing web development best practices.

Angular Developers Basic Soft Skills

Soft skills influence how well your new developer can team with your squad, such as:

  • Responsibility
  • Adaptability
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Creativity
  • Decision-making
  • Dedication
  • Teamwork

Verify the Profile and Past Work to Hire Angular Developers

When it comes to hire angular developers, one of the critical issues in software development is placing dedicated developers in the early stages of your project. So, how do you catch skilled Angular developers? You should pay attention to some crucial points, such as;

  • Recent development projects.
  • Technology stack.>
  • Software types they focus on.
  • Previous clients.
  • Time for the team's scaling up.


Step 3. Conduct an Interview

During the hiring processes of angular developers, less experienced Angular developers can demonstrate their good understanding of the principles behind Angular during the interview if they have good skills. In addition, you can focus on the most common points of large projects rather than knowledge that may be unexpected. Thus, assessing the candidate's skills is necessary to decide whether they're qualified to join the team. For example, you can ask tech questions to familiarize yourself with their knowledge and skills, such as;

  • What's the difference between one-way and two-way data binding in Angular?
  • >Provide an example when you disagreed with the view of another team member. How did you argue your point of view?
  •  What is Dependency Injection in Angular?

Step 4. Draw Up a Statement of Work (SOW)

In case you have already found a skilled Angular development team to hire. You must clearly define and articulate your business requirements to the angular software developers team. You should explain at length all that the project requires. Therefore, do the following:

  • Outline aspects of the project in detail, including schedules, deadlines, work standards, payment methods, and delivery criteria.>
  • It is also necessary to mention security considerations, hardware and software limitations, post-project support, or early contract termination clauses.

Step 5. Post-Hire Angular Developers Stage

Now that you have found new angular software developers to hire for your team, you have some final responsibilities towards your new angular developers, including the following:

  • List and familiarize your candidate with responsibilities, the work environment, and colleagues, and conduct any necessary training.
  • It is necessary to create drafts in detail to include; Colors, fonts, positions, events, etc.
  • Do not neglect one of these fine details. If you want to witness the success of your project, everything must be carefully planned.
  • In addition, always pay attention to the user interface and user experience.
  •  Use a visualization tool to conceptualize your idea.
  • If you work with a system of giving rewards, you must clarify this for your employee to be motivated to obtain good results.
  • Finally, if your project needs an NDA, make sure the developer signs it.

Hire Angular Developers: Are You Ready to Hire seobase as an Angular Developer Company for Your Project?

The most crucial selection factor to hire Angular developers is finding an angular software development company or outsourcing angular development that you can rely on. In addition, they need to be slow in choosing and looking carefully at their previous work. It is also necessary not to go to any option just because it is the cheapest, as it may cost you a lot later. Also, you can ask Kapsys for help if you want to hire angular software development company. We have a highly skilled and talented team of angular software developers.