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Software Development

Custom Software Development vs. Generic Software

07 October 2022 by Sara Wahba

With the changing demand in the software world, custom software development and generic software development continue to rise. Hence, companies have multiple options for purchasing bespoke software. However, ready-made software is very popular with startups. Additionally, companies that are not looking to invest in tailored software solutions. This is because off-the-shelf software is cheaper in the short term compared to custom software. Henceforth, let's with Kapsys learn more about generic software vs. bespoke software. In addition, should your company buy a solution that meets basic needs or build one that serves yours?

What Is Generic Software Development?

Developers carry out the off-the-shelf software development process through generic software product development. The product is designed so that a group of customers with the exact needs can handle it independently. Therefore, software development companies independently develop generic software and work with a group of clients with similar circumstances. Generally, software provider companies manufacture generic software for all business needs and have positive market demand over time.

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What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software is specifically designed for specific organizations or users. Also, custom software development is a mechanism by which a company develops a product for an individual customer. Thus, the software is not intended for general use and caters only to the company's needs.  The client covers all the aspects, including the list of requirements, functions, and expenses needed to create the software. Furthermore, this product often has a distinct need in the market for a limited time and for specialized business needs.  Usually, custom applications and software take a long time to develop. On the contrary, generic software does not require much time because the application needs are widespread. For example, some prominent custom software are automated invoicing, error tracking, CRM, etc. 10.png

Generic Software vs. Bespoke Software

The customized program is developed to complete the specific needs based on the client's budget and pre-defined requirements. In contrast, generic software is a product ready to use by many consumers and can meet the general needs of many customers. Further, we cover the various features, characteristics, and requirements that differ between custom and generic software

Custom Software Development vs. Generic Software Development

CharacteristicsCustom SoftwareGeneric Software
ExclusivenessCustom software is designed for only one customer. Generic software is designed for many users but will not control generic software development. 
Needs and updatesYou can update the bespoke software according to your requirements.The software provider company only can update the generic software according to market demands.
Ownership/controlThe owner is the only one who controls the development of custom software.Only the provider company can change and develop the generic software it has designed.
Development costCustom software is expensive. However, custom software is not costly in the long run because the returns on investment (ROI) in customized software are very high. See Custom Software Benefits for Small BusinessesOff-the-shelf software is not expensive. Thus, small and medium businesses or individual business owners and entrepreneurs can own it. 
Software architectureCustom software is for a specific purpose, considering who uses it. However, it may have to incorporate some scalability in the future.Read-made software is agile to accommodate large-scale future scalability. In addition, the adaptation per growth.
Unique featuresCustom software has unique and specific features limited only to the owner.Generic software has many features. However, not all of these features are necessarily useful or required for a particular organization. 
QualityDedicated software focuses on quality. Moreover, developers have to ensure that the result exceeds customer expectations in terms of performance and ease of use. Also, custom software development companies provide high-quality solutions to the client to increase revenue, improve customer service, or even simplify internal business processes.In generic software, quality is important but not critical. Hence, the importance lies in the competition of the suppliers with each other and not with the users themselves.

How Can Custom Software Development Services From Kapsys Resolve All of Your Issues?

Kapsys can help you to make all your departments and operations become digital once you take the step towards custom software development services. Moreover, we can help you find a tailored solution only for your business needs. Thus, here are some benefits for your business that you can get from the customized solution. Furthermore, how does custom software help you develop your business and solve your problems?

  • Initially, drives your business processes more transparent.
  • Moreover, increases employee productivity.
  • Then, makes it easy to assign tasks to different people while adding and measuring accountability and analyzing the time it takes to complete work.
  • After that, reduces the risk of miscommunication and, consequently, the number of errors.
  • Furthermore, gives you the tools to scale your business on your terms.
  • Also, allows you to integrate with other software to facilitate your work.
  • Finally, lets you manage more people who work in the same unified and controllable way.

Generic Software Products vs. Custom Software Development: Conclusion

A custom software development company like Kapsys can turn all risks into benefits. Besides, it provides you with a customized solution that works just for your business. Unlike generic software, custom software can provide you with the ability to hire developers and project managers and commission them to develop the software. Moreover, turning to a company that specializes in delivering customized products is the best way to ensure the results you want.