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What Is Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) in 2022?

March 1, 2024 by
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Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most important trends in business, especially in recent times. In 2022, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) economic market size is estimated at $130.69 billion. Thus, this market is one of the most critical IT markets. Therefore, Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) solutions has emerged that are overgrowing to keep pace with the development to meet the increasing demands for software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Thus, we can say that SDaaS is among the most popular solutions in information technology. Also, SDaaS can be considered a cutting-edge solution designed to drive business growth. In this post, Kapsys explains everything you need to know about developing software as a service. 

What Is Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)?

Software development as a Service (SDaaS) is a business model where a company offers software development services to customers on a subscription basis. Hence, a client pays an arranged monthly fee to keep one or several developers working on their software development and then have an access to the provider's resources. Therefore, this allows the client to pay only for the time spent working on the project rather than paying for the entire cost of developing the application. In addition, by relying on software development as a service SDaaS, customers can easily predict their projects' financial data. Furthermore, they can keep software development costs within a budget that suits them. Moreover, contract developers' tasks are often comprehensive. So, they cover all aspects of developing different types of software, including planning, design, implementation, and support or maintenance of specific software. Read SaaS vs. Custom Software: Which is Best for Business?


SDaaS vs IT Outsourcing: What’s the Difference?

Many people may get confused about Software Development as a Service and other popular IT solutions - outsourcing. In fact, this may make very sense as the solutions are all very similar and have a lot in common.  SDaaS and IT Outsourcing solutions are designed to help customers obtain the desired product with minimal time and effort. However, if you get a deeper insight into the techniques, you will find fundamental differences between them. Since we explained what is development as a service SDaaS, it's time to explain what is IT outsourcing:  IT outsourcing means that you hire some professionals outside of your company's workforce. This may be due to the workload, your team's huge responsibilities, or the inability of your team to accomplish the required task. Moreover, the IT outsourcing team you have hired will allocate work on your IT systems and receive the necessary IT solutions without engaging internal staff. Now, Kapsys lists the key differences between these two solutions:



IT Outsourcing


It has a lot of flexibility in all stages of collaboration.Often tied to a specific project. 


It is a long-term partnership, thus, it implies ongoing maintenance.

It is a maintainable service. However, it depends on the outsourcing company (The service provider).

Development Speed

SDaaS provides clients with quick solutions and deliverables. Hence, the development speed is a good quality in SDaaS.

IT outsourcing will complete the project within the defined deadlines. Thus, IT outsourcing needs a plan to stick to.

CostMonthly subscription. Therefore, it can save customers a lot of money.

Costs depend on the project requirements. However, it can be the most effective-cost project-based service. 



Choosing the right technology solution provider is essential to get the best results. In addition, finding a well-experienced company and reliable developers can improve your technology experience and business development. Furthermore, working with a dedicated team of professional and experienced software developers can make reaching your goals faster. Kapsys has the best developers who can work on various technologies. In addition, we have responsive customer service and maintenance. Moreover, the development skills to deploy your product efficiently.