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Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM For Small Businesses

17 May 2022 by Sara Wahba

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM is so important to improve the workflow effectively. Salesforce Services Cloud provides many features and attributes. Acquiring customers and maintaining cash flow is one of the most critical challenges facing small and startup companies. Due to the changing qualities of work and its requirements, digital transformation and remote communication have become endorsed systems in many companies worldwide. This digital transformation has helped companies keep their organizational strategy to lead the competition in a rapidly evolving work society.

According to Research and Markets report, the CRM market is expected to rise at about 11.3% CAGR to reach $94.4 billion by 2027.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM?

Salesforce CRM is a customer success platform and cloud-based system. This system enables companies to handle their relationships with current and potential leads. The Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM features help streamline sales, marketing, customer service and support services. In addition, this CRM facilitates processes by improving relationships and connections with current leads and allowing close deals faster.
Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it easy to use cloud-based business applications. Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you stay connected with customers, prospects, partners, etc. The world's number one Salesforce CRM platform, enabling businesses to sell, service and market like never before.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud could work without installation because it is a cloud-based system. Also, Salesforce works with actual-time data from any device remotely. It provides a mobile app.

Salesforce Cloud CRM integration updates information about leads and customers on Salesforce CRM. This updated information is available for all users to visit. Besides, Salesforce Cloud CRM offers a licenses array for inconsistent company objectives and sizes.

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Why do Small Businesses Need Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM?

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM is the best solution for any small business looking for sustainability and development in the long-term plan. Some of the reasons why small businesses opt for Salesforce CRM are:

Flexible Pricing of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM has revamped its elements like Desk.com and SalesforceIQ to develop Salesforce Essentials for small businesses. Salesforce CRM offers all sales and service applications of this Salesforce cloud computing segment geared towards small businesses. Besides, Salesforce provides these apps at an affordable flexible price per user per month when billed annually. The Salesforce CRM proposes a free trial to businesses to make sure they purchase. In addition, Salesforce Service Cloud implementation strategies enable you to purchase other releases and additional products later according to your business growth requirements.

AI-Powered Salesforce Automation

Salesforce has integrated Einstein's Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Salesforce CRM platform or the Salesforce integration platform. Salesforce introduced this integration to enable small businesses to make smarter decisions. In addition to providing recommendations and ideas to help small businesses improve their strategies. 

Customization & Integration with Apps on AppExchange

AppExchange: AppExchange is a store that explicitly offers Salesforce apps for extensions and integration with third-party business solutions. Salesforce offers small businesses integration systems and powerful APIs to integrate Salesforce solutions with other applications. The AppExchange Store allocates space for third parties to help small and medium businesses. Some examples of the available integrations are Pandadoc, HelloSign, Zapier, etc. In addition, the AppExchange Store offers Salesforce SaaS Lightning, a component-based application development framework to simplify and customize operations for businesses. Developers from the Salesforce Partner community can also create custom applications. Salesforce gives them funding and training support as partners.

Effective Social Media Marketing of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

Salesforce CRM helps small businesses improve their campaigns and strategy by analyzing aggregated data. Salesforce provides a social studio for community and brand engagement, among other features. In addition, the Content collaboration tool Quip, acquired by Salesforce SaaS business, helps manage the sequence of work productively. Salesforce adds social channels with just a few clicks to interact with customers on their favorite social media platform and address their inquiries. Salesforce enables you to monitor customer feedback as it allows them to leave positive feedback, which will help attract more new customers.

Efficient Customer Support of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

Efficient Customer Support of Salesforce CRM- Salesforce enables phone calls to feature for small businesses to use Lightning Dialer to connect with customers. The customer information is populated. In addition, any service agent has a complete understanding of customer history to understand the connection. This includes the last call log to facilitate the customer experience on the next ring.

Conclusion of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

There are many benefits to small businesses when they use Salesforce over other leading CRM tools. For example, some large companies may use custom software, and also, many small and medium companies use the Salesforce CRM. In addition, Salesforce also provides networking opportunities through the annual Dreamforce User Conference. You can use Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM integration for your business to get all of its benefits. Salesforce Service Cloud implementation is so important to improve your business. Consider contacting Kapsys to get a Salesforce Service Cloud implementation plan.