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CRM With Salesforce Features and Benefits

21 September 2022 by Sara Wahba

Using CRM with Salesforce does not require technical knowledge to set up and manage at an advanced level. On the contrary, there are plenty of CRM platforms. These CRMs may do their job helping you research what they can offer in knowing what is best for your company. However, as complex as they may be, you may need a CRM to track leads effectively, monitor customer interactions, and monitor your contacts. In this post, Kapsys provides you with a discussion of the features and benefits of Salesforce CRM and what Salesforce CRM does below. Check, Salesforce Service Cloud vs. Sales Cloud.

What Salesforce CRM Do: Features and Benefits

You may not be aware of some of the benefits of using Salesforce and Salesforce CRM advantages. For example, you may not know many of the advantages of opportunity management in Salesforce for your business. But of course, using Salesforce CRM key features best will allow your business to grow and develop. Here are 5 features and benefits that can help you:

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Contact Management

Using Salesforce CRM ensures easy and effective contact management. This is done by granting access to customers' critical data and interaction history. Managing contacts in a cloud-based CRM with Salesforce enables you to collaborate efficiently across the enterprise. In addition to some of the basic features that we list as follows:

  • You can use customer social data to understand better their behavior concerning any product or service.
  • The ability to share your ideas and key documents creates a knowledge-sharing workplace.
  • The Salesforce contact management system allows you to track the movement of deals by accessing all contact data.
  • CRM Salesforce provides a complete picture of the customer, including ideas and strategies for enhancing engagement.

Opportunity Management in Salesforce

One of the essential key features is opportunity management. Using this feature of CRM Salesforce will make your work easier and save a lot of time and resources for your company. It provides you with the following:

  • Ability to view important activity schedule details and competitors at work.
  • Provide an opportunity to view the schedule of your customers' activities.
  • Capture the different stages of a particular deal that help you determine your next move.
  • Ensure hassle-free emails to customers with ready-made templates.

Einstein Analytics in Salesforce CRM

Einstein Analytics may be one of the advantages of Salesforce CRM. It is more effective and intelligent as it offers CRM Salesforce users a high business intelligence that helps unlock complex sales and service insights. Data security is the prime aspect of Einstein, and more than 150,000 business houses are sharing data and getting intelligent insights to grow business with this analytical tool. With Einstein's Actions, you can:

  • Move to the next step faster. #e0f3f1cc
  • Continuously clarify data and insights to employees and partners.
  • Connect users to sales, service, and community clouds with embedded dashboards.


Salesforce for Small Business

Kapsys strives to guide and grow small businesses and startups by offering the benefits of using Salesforce. With the advantages of Salesforce CRM, you can get built-in information and provide better customer service. In addition, you can automatically capture data from emails, support channels, and calendars by providing a 360-degree view of the customer. Also, you can enrich your knowledge by reading the Top 7 CRMs for small and medium businesses. Startups can get professional help from Kapsys to learn about Salesforce CRM's key features and what Salesforce CRM does. It also provides accurate and in-depth details about all Salesforce products. See, Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM For Small Businesses.

Lead Management

Every day, your inbox receives dozens of emails; without a CRM tool, keeping track of those emails becomes cumbersome. Therefore, lead management of Salesforce CRM automatic emailing boosts your revenue-generating mechanism. It automatically scores leads and assigns the essential lead directly to the appropriate executive. Furthermore, you can find some valuable information in Lead Management By Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Also, lead management of Salesforce CRM gives users the following:

  • Firstly, functioning as a fast lead converter machine, this app informs you about the source of the leads.
  • Secondly, good opportunity to pursue potential clients as you cannot fall off course and generate more revenue.
  • Then, provides access to updated contacts on schedule with industry best practices.
  • After that, the lead management provides you with an affluent activity timeline.
  • Finally, it uses the sales path to understand the relevant documents.

CRM with Salesforce: Conclusion

Different CRMs may have distinct capabilities that can help you narrow your search, such as the flexibility to modify the platform for your specific needs or create a reporting structure that meets your requirements. Still, somehow they could be complicated to use, which leads you to ask for help from a specialist at some point. In contrast, to any other application, CRM with Salesforce is the ultimate solution for your business. It features all the elements required to run your business on an automation platform with built-in intelligence.