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vercel vs aws
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Vercel vs AWS Lambda Serverless Functions

16 November 2023 by Daria Andrieieva

The serverless revolution has transformed how we approach web development, and at its forefront are two formidable contenders: Vercel vs AWS Lambda. 

Join Kapsys in this comprehensive analysis as we explore the intricacies of these serverless powerhouses, providing a detailed comparison that goes beyond the surface, empowering you to make strategic decisions tailored to your project's unique needs.

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Unveiling Vercel's Frontend Prowess

In the fast-paced world of web development, Vercel stands out as a dedicated platform for front-end developers. It redefines web application deployment and hosting experience, offering unparalleled speed and seamless integration with popular frontend frameworks like ReactNext.js, and Vue.

How Vercel works

In our ongoing comparison of Vercel vs AWS Lambda, we can highlight Vercel's magic lies in its streamlined deployment process. By connecting version-controlled repositories, developers automate deployment, allowing for swift and efficient operations. 

What truly sets Vercel apart is its automatic deployment triggered by Git commits, making it an ideal choice for teams practicing continuous integration.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda

While Vercel excels in frontend-focused deployments with automatic triggers, AWS Lambda, with a broader scope, requires a deeper understanding of backend configuration. 

The choice depends on the project's emphasis, with Vercel offering simplicity and speed and AWS Lambda providing more comprehensive control.

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AWS Lambda: The Backend Dynamo

Now, continuing our discussion on Vercel vs AWS Lambda, let’s see what AWS Lambda offers. 

In the expansive world of AWS, Lambda emerges as a backend dynamo within the serverless architecture.

This section delves into the core concepts of AWS serverless computing, shedding light on its capabilities and potential for developers.

How AWS Lambda works

AWS Lambda operates on the principle of event-driven programming. Developers define functions and upload code, triggering events in response. Automatic scaling ensures optimal performance, allowing developers to focus on code rather than server management.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda's power lies in its event-driven scaling and integration with the extensive AWS ecosystem. While Vercel offers simplicity and speed, AWS Lambda provides more granular control and a broader range of backend services.

vercel aws lambda

Comparing Vercel vs AWS Lambda

Two prominent players, Vercel vs AWS Lambda, offer distinct deployment, scalability, and integration approaches. 

Let’s break down the core aspects of Vercel vs AWS Lambda, dissecting their strengths and nuances to guide you in making informed decisions that align with your project's specific needs.

Deployment speed and ease of use

Let's take a closer look at what Vercel vs AWS Lambda has to offer us regarding deployment: 


Known for its simplicity and speed, Vercel streamlines deployment, particularly for front-end-focused applications. Automatic deployment triggered by Git enhances efficiency, making it a top choice for projects with rapid development cycles.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda, while powerful, has a steeper learning curve. Configuring functions and managing permissions introduces complexity, offering developers greater flexibility and control over the serverless environment.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda: Who wins? 

  • Vercel's strength lies in its user-friendly interface and rapid deployment, perfect for smaller projects.

  • In contrast, AWS Lambda's complexity caters to developers seeking fine-tuned control over deployment processes, making it suitable for larger, more intricate endeavors.

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Regarding scalability, who is the best: Vercel vs AWS Lambda? Let's explore: 


Automatic scaling is a standout feature of Vercel. Vercel dynamically adjusts resources as user traffic fluctuates, ensuring optimal performance without manual intervention. This makes it an ideal choice for projects with unpredictable workloads.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda's event-driven scaling responds to triggers, ensuring efficient resource utilization. However, developers must carefully design functions to exploit this scalability feature fully.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda: Who wins? 

  • Vercel's automatic scaling caters to projects with unpredictable workloads, offering simplicity and efficiency. 

  • AWS Lambda, with its event-driven scaling, suits applications with varying demands, providing more granular control for developers.

Integration and ecosystem

Integration and ecosystem are crucial for productive development. In our ongoing discussion on Vercel vs AWS Lambda- who offers the best solution in this category?


Focused on frontend development, Vercel seamlessly integrates with Git repositories. While robust for frontend tasks, its ecosystem offers limited capabilities for backend services compared to AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda

As part of the AWS ecosystem, Lambda enjoys unparalleled integration with various services – databases, storage, machine learning, and more. It is ideal for projects demanding a comprehensive backend and cloud services.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda: Who wins? 

  • Vercel excels in front-end simplicity, making it perfect for smaller projects. 

  • AWS Lambda's integration with the extensive AWS ecosystem offers a broader spectrum of services, making it the go-to choice for projects requiring diverse backend functionalities.

what is aws serverless

Pricing models

The pricing model has the power to slow any project. Choosing a platform that meets all your demands from the productivity and pricing sides is essential. 

Let's explore Vercel vs AWS Lambda and which platform offers a better pricing model:


Vercel adopts a transparent pay-as-you-go model, catering to small to medium-sized projects with scalability. The free tier allows costs to scale as the application grows.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda operates on a pay-per-use model, providing fine-grained cost control. Diligent monitoring is essential, particularly for projects with varying workloads.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda: Who wins? 

  • Vercel's transparent pricing suits smaller projects, ensuring cost predictability. 

  • AWS Lambda's pay-per-use model offers fine-grained control but requires careful monitoring, making it suitable for projects with varying workloads.

Security and compliance

Solid security is necessary for any project. So, the question in this section is who is the best in this department: Vercel vs AWS Lambda. Let's compare: 


Vercel prioritizes a straightforward approach to security, focusing on essential measures to protect web applications. It provides standard security features such as HTTPS for encrypted communication, secure API endpoints, and DDoS protection. 

While suitable for many projects, it may be more aligned with those not subject to stringent compliance standards.

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AWS Lambda

As part of the AWS ecosystem, AWS Lambda inherits robust security features. With AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Lambda users can define fine-grained access controls. 

Encryption services, such as AWS Key Management Service (KMS), bolster data security. AWS often complies with various industry standards, making it suitable for projects with stringent regulatory requirements.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda: Who wins? 

  • Vercel is a pragmatic choice for projects where simplicity in security measures aligns with the application's needs. 

  • AWS Lambda, with its comprehensive security arsenal and adherence to compliance standards, is the go-to for projects with complex security and regulatory requirements.

Support and documentation

Let's explore who offers the best support: Vercel vs AWS Lambda. 


Vercel offers various support plans, with response times varying based on the chosen tier. However, the depth may not match the extensive AWS documentation.

AWS Lambda

AWS, known for its robust support, extends comprehensive plans for AWS Lambda users. This includes options for free and premium support with varying response times. 

AWS Lambda's documentation is extensive, covering every aspect of the service, and is renowned for its clarity and completeness.

Vercel vs AWS Lambda: Who wins? 

  • Vercel's support and documentation are well-suited for projects with straightforward needs and smaller teams. 

  • With its comprehensive support plans and exhaustive documentation, AWS Lambda caters to enterprises and projects requiring in-depth resources and assistance.

Vercel and AWS Lambda: A Powerful Duo?

In our Vercel vs AWS Lambda comparison, let's explore their collaborative potential:

  • Frontend Deployment with Vercel: Optimal for user interface management with seamless integration and automatic deployment.

  • Backend Logic Handled by AWS Lambda: Scalable and efficient backend operations for processes, data tasks, and API endpoints.

  • API Gateway Integration: AWS API Gateway creates RESTful APIs for Vercel to consume, effortlessly connecting the front and serverless back end.

  • Leveraging AWS Services: Integrate databases, storage, and machine learning from the AWS ecosystem with Lambda functions for a comprehensive solution.

  • Continuous Deployment Harmony with Vercel: Swift updates to the front end, ensuring a streamlined deployment process.

As you can see, it's not always the question of what is better, Vercel vs AWS Lambda, but more the question of their collaborative potential. 

In this hybrid approach, benefit from Vercel's simplicity for front-end tasks while tapping into AWS Lambda's broader capabilities, creating a potent union for web development.

how does vercel work


The choice in the Vercel vs AWS Lambda saga depends on your project's unique demands. 

The path becomes more apparent as you navigate the serverless landscape armed with a deeper understanding of Vercel vs AWS Lambda. The decision-making process aligns with your project intricacies, development preferences, and scalability needs. 

The serverless paradigm redefines web development, and whether you opt for Vercel or AWS Lambda or choose to use them together,  you're stepping into a future of efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

Stay tuned with Kapsys to learn about productive development!